Cold Laser Therapy

Is utilized to reduce inflammation, and promote healing of the soft tissue

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Medical researchers began using laser bio-stimulation in the late 1960’s with low-powdered laser beams that produced non-thermal effects on human tissues. The first reported cases involved slow-healing ulcers. The efficacy of this low-level laser therapy or “LLLT” is substantiated by objective research that continues. Experimenting clinicians found that 830 nm laser is optimal for treating chronic pain. An example of how LLLT works involves soft tissue trauma. These types of injuries consist of damage to the deep, sensitive layers of tissue beneath the epidermis, including muscular, neural, lymphatic, and vascular tissue.

The human body normally reacts to this soft tissue trauma by “splinting” the injury with edema, a thin watery fluid in tissue spaces or cell interstices. However, excess edema causes swelling that inhibits movement of the damaged tissues. These injuries result in two types of pain. The first is actual traumatic pain from the injury itself, and the second pain is from the swelling that results. The LLLT focuses first on the lymphatic system which maintainds the body’s fluid balance, while the laser light also helps absorb the excess edema. LLLT thus provides relief in two ways. MicroLight has FDA clearance for devices under both the “NHN” and “ILY” classifications.

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