So, let’s get back to treating the underlying cause.  With Auto-immune conditions, something is causing your immune system to get TOO ACTIVE and it can start attacking tissue randomly.  Your system could attack your brain cells, your joints, your pancreas, your joints, your intestines, and more.  What could be he reason for this?  If you look for the “cause” of these auto-immune diseases in our medical books, you will see the words, “Idiopathic”, which means, “Cause unknown”.  But, researchers and doctors who are really looking for the truth know that we have a genetic predisposition and a toxic world.  And I am not just talking about the obvious poisons that are in our environment, but the state of the FOOD we are eating.  Because of the genetically modified foods, over-processing and added chemicals, over use of pesticides, food dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers and more, we are EATING POISON.  Even the “Whole Wheat Bread” that so many are eating instead of the old “White” bread is not safe anymore.  Well, neither are safe, now.

If you could see microscopically into your intestines (your “gut”), you would see a row of white blood cells in and outside the lining.  This is your “army”.  They are on their posts there just in case something that isn’t suppose to be there needs to be destroyed.  Let’s use wheat bread as an example of something that gets attacked by this army. Why would your army attack wheat bread? Since many of our crops have been changed, such as the genetic altering of the seed, many of our foods look “foreign” to our system.  This message creates a “stress” to the system.  Once our system gets “stressed” about something, it sets up a cascade of events.  Our bodies produce chemicals that bring in more blood, hormones, white blood cells (army), more heat and other ingredients.  This is “inflammation”.  And with inflammation can follow PAIN. With the eating of this wheat bread, the pain or reaction may or may not be limited or even felt in the gut area. These inflammatory products can actually “leak out” into your blood stream and cause problems in your joints, brain, pancreas, skin and other places in your body.

So, let’s get back to looking microscopically in your gut.  You also have (or should have) a special population of organisms in your digestive area (your “gut”).  These organisms are called “biotic”—the special bacteria that is SUPPOSE TO BE LIVING IN YOUR GUT”. Ever heard of “PRO” Biotic?  These are the “good” bugs that are living in your body.  We call them the natural FLORA and we should have a natural balance of these there. A good balance of these little buggers helps with digestion, help drive reactions that covert chemicals, hormones and production of vitamins.  The mere presence of them is like having soldiers in place in case a bad guy (an organism that can make you “sick”) comes in a tries to flourish by setting up it’s own growth.  If you have enough soldiers there already, these bad guys are allowed to proliferate.

So you probably know where this story is leading you…  Most of us have long ago messed up this balance in our gut.  Not just the balance in our gut, but the one in our sinuses, on our skin, in our lungs and everywhere.  How does this flora get OUT OF BALANCE? We are exposed to anti-biotics, ingested as medicine, from our meat and dairy and other chemicals such as pesticides/insecticides. What do pesticides and insecticides kill? Bugs!!  You must eat organic! What about bleach, chlorine, household cleaners, anti-bacterial soaps and more?  Please see me or go to my website to “Go Clean” at my Shaklee website with all natural cleaners for your home.

So, let’s get back to the eating wheat bread example. The wheat is grown by genetically altered seeds.  Some of these seeds have been altered to be “pest resistant”.  What an invention. The plant is designed to NOT be attractive to the microbes (little bugs and insects).  So, they know not to eat it. BUT WE DO! They are smart to stay away from the food, but WE EAT IT.  What does this food do to our natural flora?

We grow this genetically altered food (and in this case we are using Wheat as an example). The wheat is then ground up and stored in big “graineries”.  It sits there while the grower waits for the market to be just right to sell. While the wheat is sitting there,  it grows a neuro-toxin. What is a “neuro” toxin?  That is a chemical that will poison your brain and nerves!  The neurotoxin has been isolated to the protein in the wheat. There is a protein in wheat called GLUTEN.  Now you can start to understand why I am finding allergies and intolerance to the protein, gluten.

When gluten enters the gut, our army starts attacking it!  Now, as I mentioned earlier, your immune system is becoming very active and the system is getting very inflamed.  With this constant attacking going on, coupled with the fact that your natural flora balance is compromised, we have a serious problem developing. The organisms that start to flourish in your gut are of the wrong population. This imbalance in allowing the growth of Candida Albicans and other strains of bugs and parasites that are not being kept in check!  Some of these bad bugs are so strong that our immune system doesn’t catch them as they bore out (actually drill out) through the intestinal wall and become blood borne!  They leave a hole behind them where they tunneled out and we call it a “leaky gut”. The medical term is “intestinal permeability”. Once these bugs and inflammatory products are blood borne, they can travel to different parts of the body.  These conditions are being linked to brain problems such as mental illness, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Thyroiditis, Diabetes, Glycemic conditions, Fibromyalgia and other joint pain, Acne, Skin conditions, etc.

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